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why can’t it be ok to go to the grocery store in your pjs?

Or better yet, why can't my Thanksgiving supplies magically appear in my magically cleaned house while I sit here and read magazines? 

4 thoughts on “why can’t it be ok to go to the grocery store in your pjs?

  1. Why can’t Amazon just ship me my groceries overnight rather then take my 2 littlest ones to the store?!?!

  2. Good thing I don’t have jammies that cute, or I would wear them to the airport. (Why can’t my laundry magically wash and fold intself into our suitcases while we magically apparate to grandmother’s house?)

  3. And why can’t the money to pay for them just magically appear in my bank account?

  4. Especially when the jammies are so pretty! Just this morning, we spied a neighbour in her dressing garden and slippers out on the footpath admiring and deadheading her roses – which are magnificent – and I said to Abby – perfect! She’s cosy and warm – why wouldn’t you garden in your dressing gown – she’s so much more clothed than most of the women hoping on the trams to work! Pyjamas for shopping – yes!

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