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Geez, did I lose my blogging momentum already. It’s 20 degrees here today. On March 13th. I think maybe that’s all there is to say. But I’m here. I’m struggling with turning out tiny bunny ears. And working on scrapbooking the world’s most mundane week… here’s a picture of us sitting in the house doing nothing, and working on taxes, here we are watching tv. Actually Sunday was exciting tv, True Detectives finale & Cosmos in one night! I was so happy. I’m so excited they’re redoing Cosmos so my kids can experience its awesomeness.

Here’s a cute shot from the Land of Nod catalog that has Skip and Charlie in it. I love the messy casual shots they use. I wish the glamour shots of the dolls they’d captured were more like these. I don’t love the one of Skip. And this one of Bertie doesn’t do her justice at all either. Fern‘s is cute though 🙂 I like how her capelet is askew.

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