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working on pattern ideas: a duck doll and a pincushion

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about the video and the book! While we were working on the video I was pretty sure it was going to turn out awful. I just thought, let’s rush through it and if it’s a disaster at least we can say we tried. But when it’s done and all put together and you’ve forgotten about the millions of little adjustments and trying to get things to balance just right, well, you just remember the fun. I’m dying to do another one. Maybe once school starts and I get a little break from the kids’ grabby fingers.

Speaking of which, guess what I just bought today? School supplies! Craziness. Summer is over in a snap. We have a few weeks left and we’re going to stretch that out as much as we can with nothing but pool and beach action but I thought what the heck, I’d do a little Fall preview today.

This little duck is a hand sewing project, made from wool felt. These little jelly jars were made into bushel pincushions.

21 thoughts on “working on pattern ideas: a duck doll and a pincushion

  1. The Mermaiden pattern is cute! Will make for great stocking stuffers for my girls. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Wow, I think I just had a total flashback about those mermaid dolls. How do you remember these things???

  3. hate to be the rain on your pool day- but I can’t read the pattern when the pdf opens up…help (and I’ll still buy the book too- promise!!)

  4. Pattern opens fine for me. Try upgrading your version of Adobe Reader and try again.
    The book looks adorable and so is the video. Congratulations!

  5. yes ann, I’d try what barbara suggests. that should work! pdf worked fine for me too.

  6. thanks barbara! 🙂

  7. I can’t wait for your book! Thanks for being such an inspiration… I’m ALSO a crafty librarian out on maternity leave. You sure made the most of yours!

  8. Hooray!!! Finally the cute DUCKY!!! I can barely contain my excitement 🙂 Thanks so much!

  9. Cute pincushions. You always have something fun to show. I just checked out your mermaiden pattern! Love her hair! Looks like a fun summer project for me and my little mermaid. My daughter loves the water!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! My daughter saw the mermaiden in one of your posts a few days ago and immediately asked me to make it for her!
    All of the projects that I’ve seen so far are adorable, such a wonderful book!

  11. YAY! Who knew my work PC Adobe version was old…I guess that’s what I get for blogging on work time!! Haha. Came home to my Mac and all is well. Thanks again for this! LOVE it! I have a 6 year old who’ll love it too!

  12. Love all of your cuties. You always give me inspirations. I do not know how you do it but thanks. I can get back to work now.

  13. Oh wow!! we’ve wanted to carry your patterns for sooo long now. I made Olive and had her in the shoppe for a bit… we had so many request for the pattern and sent lots of folks to your site… but wholesale!!! Thats just wonderfull! Thanks Hillary!
    Your pattern cards are gonna sell like hotcakes!

  14. HOORAY…Old MacDonald Duck will be available soon…I loved him from the first minute I saw him!!! THANKS!!

  15. you are OFF THE HOOK, woman. you can make the most wonderful wee things and the sharing of it makes my heart happy and i am itching to get the book and start making every one of those patterns. the video made my morning as i watched it over coffee.
    i have been away from my boys for a week now, going home today, my little owen has been asking for a doll for weeks but i did not have the time before leaving…. now, now he gets 24. so awesome!!!

  16. My girls and I love all your little dolls. I think you are amazing. I like to sew and craft, but I always have a patten – I can’t make one up! Thanks for the mermaid pattern. My girls and I have enjoyed making them yesterday (we picked out some fabric) and today (just finishing sewing them up). I sure hope I can find your book around here, if not I’ll just order it!
    Keep it up! I love reading your blog, too!

  17. finally! I have the book and it is so good!! I’m so pleased for you. After following your blog for over 5! years, I have to say I’m proud to be one of your early supporters & hoping that my dolls hand made by you are going to go up in value now as real art! 😉 We all love showing visitors the dolls and then your blog (me and the girls)….and now we can make some more WW dolls and possibly get our 4H sewing group interested in making some of these patterns for a Christmas gift project for a local charity…take care & congrats!

  18. OMG, so adorable! love the ducky and pincushion!!

  19. I received my book this week. LOVE IT !!!!! I can’t wait to make a wee doll or two.

  20. i love them..god so so so cute.

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