folky block pincushion

Now that I have a GIANT bag of crushed walnut shells  sitting in my craft room you can expect a lot of pincushion action from me. I came across this folky vintage print while I was digging through my fabric bins and immediately thought pincushion 💡!

So I fussy cut out some squares, well not really fussy bc just squares but it was tricky getting those borders to line up, and I sewed them up into a cube and stuffed with my shells. It’s a wonderful heavy blobby block and I love it.

It doesn’t have a bad side to it.

8 thoughts on “folky block pincushion

  1. Keri F says:

    Hi there! This pincushion is darling. How did you get the squares to see up so nicely? Any tips? I’m finding this to be a little tricky. Thank you!

    • hillary says:

      Hi! Well, it’s sewn by hand and the fabric print is basically a grid so that helped. You can look on youtube for fussy cut english paper piecing tutorials. I think they use clear plastic templates so you can see exactly how your print is lining up inside the block.

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