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Butternut Bear

Our newest addition to the Make-Along family is a teddy bear doll. Phoebe named her Butternut and I think it fits perfectly. Made up in faux fur I think she has a great classic teddybear look. She could be made in wool or even cotton fabric as well, just nothing stretchy so she keeps her shape.

She has the same body as the Make-Along dolls so she can wear the same clothes, although her legs are shorter so her pants and skirts will need a good hemming.

I made her in October so of course I decided she needed an alpine hat. Which sent me on quite a journey. Making an actual, legit 3D hat is not easy! I’m very proud of myself for figuring this one out. Quite a feather in my cap, ha! The alpine hat and pom pom trimmed romper make up the “Oktobearfest” outfit set.

2 thoughts on “Butternut Bear

  1. I love this bear and I just bought the pattern. I’m looking at faux the online and wondering if you recommend a specific kind or a place to get it.

    1. Hi Christine, so sorry all my blog comments have been going to spam. Frustrating! Did you find some faux fur?

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