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felt doll pincushion

I’ve been making so much behind the scenes. I hate things I can’t share. I’m doing a few blog tour dealios so those will pop up eventually. And I made a new design for Land of Nod. Top secret I guess. Because I’m like super spy Sydney in Alias (my new binge watch). But I made this yesterday all for myself. I’m still obsessed with peg dolls. So much so that I was compelled to make a stuffed toy version of a peg doll. I thought wouldn’t she make the cutest pincushion and she does! And Phoebe has taken her over. She made little pin earrings and a crown for her. Very cute. And I seem to have made her in exactly the same color scheme as this little peg clown bear I painted last week.

3 thoughts on “felt doll pincushion

  1. She is wonderful. I hope you make up a pattern for her.

  2. Would you mind sharing where you get your felt? Thank you!

  3. I just love her!

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