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Birch Fabric’s organic fleece

This stuff is just lovely! I bought it because I was curious and so glad I did because I love it. So soft and not too stretchy, beautiful color. I’m going to use it in Phoebe’s Teagan White quilt but I want more. This stuff would make the most wonderful stuffed toys. I need all these colors.

5 thoughts on “Birch Fabric’s organic fleece

  1. That collection from Birch fabrics is the most beautiful. How lovely to pair it with the pink fleece!
    Did you get the print with the cut-out dolls? They’re adorable as well, though the fabric is a little loosely woven for a really successful doll on its own. When I made the girl I backed it with wonder under and it worked well.
    I want to make about 15 things with the woven and the knits.
    What a wordy comment, but it’s been a while since I was so excited about a new fabric line!

  2. I did get the cut out dolls! I made them for Phoebe for Xmas. So cute. I got the canvas print and they turned out really well.
    This fabric line has inspired me to quilt after so long. Now if I can muster up courage to cut into it.

  3. hillary – ack! the colors ARE gorgeous! does this stretch at all? wondering if i could make the grainline linden sweatshirts for the girls with it? that pattern needs something with 20% stretch.

  4. it does stretch, but just a little. that’s why I think it’ll be great for toys, won’t totally lose its shape. I think it’d be cute for sweatshirts!

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