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Margaret Bloom’s second book, Making Peg Dolls & More

It’s no secret that I’ve become a smitten kitten with Margaret Bloom‘s book on creating peg doll people. Making Peg Dolls, opened my eyes to a whole new world of cute and has kept Phoebe and I busy since Christmas. Margaret’s is one of those perfect books where I am completely happy making the projects exactly as they appear in the book. Her use wool felt along with the painted pegs is brilliant. The toys are adorable, not fussy, warm, the perfect play things. Every project I’ve tried has turned out so well and just could not be cuter.

Her designs are also wonderful in that they spark the imagination. My sketchbook is now full of peg dolls I want to make. Everywhere I look I see peg dolls to-be… stories I read with the kids, movies we watch, other craft projects we’re working on, even the textiles hanging on the wall of my craft room are begging to be made into peg people. So you know how happy I was when I found out there was a SECOND BOOK!

Making Peg Dolls and More is just as excellent as the first book for both reasons, I want to make every project just as it’s done in the book and it also inspires me to dream up so many spin off ideas. I love all the creative ways the peg dolls come to life in the projects in this book. They fly and spin as tops and puppets. They have their own worlds in felt playmats with the toys tucked in like this pirate one is animated in her adorable book trailer. I am a sucker for little details and Margaret always delivers. Love the net wings and the little red vests on these fireflies.

The stuffed toys she brings into the story are perfectly done, like this dragon.

There are so many projects in this book that are perfect to make as gifts. I’ve bought the supplies for the cupcake toppers and the snuggly babies.

Phoebe needed some characters for a stop motion video project she is doing in STEAM Club at school and I thought, perfect! An excuse to make a new cast of peg people. I chose the Mermaids and Merman from Margaret’s book and the dolphin.

And couldn’t stop there and was inspired to make a stuffed whale with spout boy and a clam with a smiling pearl.

Thanks Margaret for asking me to be on your book tour! Here’s the rest of her blog tour…
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Where to buy supplies: I bought all my blank pegs at Caseys Wood Products. Also check out these shops for supplies, A Child’s Dream Come True (10% off Holland wool felt and peg dolls) and Bella Luna Toys (also 10% off felt and pegs)

5 thoughts on “Margaret Bloom’s second book, Making Peg Dolls & More

  1. I agree with you. The books designs are wonderful as is and do inspire you. Love your whale and pearl in oyster ideas. Maybe you’ll post Phoebe’s short film here. Would love to see it.

  2. Love Love Love.
    I want all of those things in my life.

  3. Love all your peg dolls! Wondering about the dolphin… is that pattern in the peg doll book too? Thank you!

  4. What kind of felt do you use for your toy making? I’m going to be making felt food for next Christmas (and probably some other toys).

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