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millet muffins

Do these look appetizing? I don't know how food bloggers do it. I always think of putting pics of what I'm eating on the blog and then I look at my photos and am like ew, no one wants to see that. Even though I make what food bloggers make. I have chocoloate chip cookie energy bars in my freezer that are delicious but look nothing like those. I can never make it look pretty enough. Even with instagram. Anyhoo, these millet muffins are delicious. Trust me. Don't trust my family. They won't go near them. Of course these are the people that devour butter braids at 8am. Does your school have butter braid fundraisers? Cake for breakfast. The Langs are all over them. Not me though. I'm eating healthy crunchy millet.

4 thoughts on “millet muffins

  1. I love these, and everything I’ve tried in Super Natural Everyday.

  2. I’d eat these millet muffins in a heartbeat! Gotta love the crunch 🙂 And I’m sure your freezer cookies look just fine 😉

  3. Thanks for this post! I’ve been in a food/snack rut and needed some inspiration.

  4. I’m not sure what a butter braid is, but in these suburbs of Philadelphia (and I suppose IN Philly as well) people eat soft pretzles for breakfast! The bakeries put them out in the AM, so I guess they are fresh and warm and soft, but they are white flour, salted, and I’ve even seen folks put mustard on them! Not really the best choice for breakfast. (but I guess better than a slab of bacon .. ..)
    The muffins look good. I’m eating a homemade raisin bran muffin right now.

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