Summer is going too fast this year. Just typing that makes me panic. I don’t want to think about it. Here’s a lovely day we had last week. We spent a week in Michigan and had such a great time, mostly on the beach but on one of the cooler days we went blueberry picking. It was awesome. So calm and easy. No bouncy house or petting zoo or carnival rides, just us and 4 buckets.


nice to see you, wee wonderfuls

Well for once I have to thank PTA for keeping me so busy I wasn't fretting over my blog & shop being missing for days. Thanks for all your emails! I am still here. Here are random photos to prove it. 

We had warm weather. It was soooo great. We got a ton of stuff done outside and I felt way more motivated indoors too. I even cleaned up the pile of fabric I dumped on the floor of the … More

wee bunny

Some tiny bunnies are popping up around the house. I started them over a month ago and just now am embroidering faces on them. I used the wee bunny freebie pattern and I shrunk the PDF down to make them smaller. 

Thanks for the vacation advice! We did end up taking a minibreak and it was very fun. My big joke is that we got so bored we decided to risk the kids' lives and went to City Museum in … More

obsessed with escape

Spring break here again. I vowed last year that this year we were going to get the heck out of Chicagoland this year. And then we punked out again. We were going to drive to Tennessee and kick around there but then the forecast wasn’t looking great so we bailed. Of course now it looks awesome there. Drat. So now I’m focusing on Summer vacation. I’m still having all the same problems. We’re on a budget, tight budget. We have … More

millet muffins

Do these look appetizing? I don't know how food bloggers do it. I always think of putting pics of what I'm eating on the blog and then I look at my photos and am like ew, no one wants to see that. Even though I make what food bloggers make. I have chocoloate chip cookie energy bars in my freezer that are delicious but look nothing like those. I can never make it look pretty enough. Even with instagram. Anyhoo, … More