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More work was done this weekend on the clearing out front. The target, Phoebe’s room. Holy hannah. That girl has so much stuff! I think she’ll be happy with the free space and less clutter. I feel like I just did this to her room, maybe last Summer? But they outgrow things so fast. I had no idea how many princess fairy books were still sitting on her shelves. Many plastic things with small pieces have now moved on to new homes. And the survivors from the last pony/barbie purge are now headed out.
cleaning out old toys

My sweet girl knows how to keep mom happy though. She asked for all her vintage and handmade dolls to stay on the shelves. Good girl xoxoHandmade doll sewing pattern from book Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love

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  1. We just did this to my 10 yr daughter’s room too. Such a relief and she’s much better about picking up and putting away what’s left now that she has a room she likes. I’m trying to get up the energy to tackle her playroom next — especially since I’ve been informed ‘playroom’ is so embarrassingly babyish. Best strike while the iron is hot and she’s willing to get rid of stuff!

  2. Isn’t it great! Phoebe is keeping it clean and tidy and she’s actually making her bed. And hanging out in there. Reading on her new bedspread! I hope it lasts a while! Oh yeah, playroom, that’s no good anymore 😉 We had to rename to family room when my son decided it was embarassing

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