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the 5 minute Christmas card

I couldn't decide if I was sending out cards this year. I was determined this year to simplify the holiday and not stress myself or anyone else out. But what's the wheat and the chaff with Christmas? It's hard to say. I decided late in the game that cards had to stay so I sat the kids in front of the tree when they walked in the door from school, put the flash on the camera and took 18 photos then I picked literally the first design that popped out at me at snapfish and ordered these cards. They turned out really cute. I love when a fast decision works out.

I'm organizing photos now to start printing for my December Project Life album. I think this year's entry will be slimmer than those in the past. Things I did dial back… outings, photo ops, gift buying. I'm looking forward to going back over the last month and journaling our holiday. Sort of like my exit interview. No matter how hard I try to not feel like the Sr Project Manager in charge of special events I can't kick that feeling every Christmas. How'd I do? Childhood magic achieved? Wish I could get a grade and some notes/feedback.

I think I'll just give myself a xmas bonus and assume I did awesome!  

2 thoughts on “the 5 minute Christmas card

  1. It’s a great photo-card!
    I have always been the Sr. Project Manager and I’ve learned to live with it. However, I have scaled down The Event greatly. So much that my kids call me Grinch. Ah well.

  2. Hilary your childrens memories of Christmas’s past will be your thanks for a job well done. My two are 36 and 31 and still carry on many of our traditions as well as a few new ones of their own.I think you are doing a great job of it.

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