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peg people

Last year for Christmas I bought Phoebe the Klutz Clay Charms craft book/kit and she played with it all break. It was super fun to see her really get into a craft project. So this year I wanted something similarly crafty for under the tree. I think it was Amy (yep, here) who first linked to this Margaret Bloom book, Making Peg Dolls and made me wanty want it. It’s so good! Her projects are so cute. And I, of course, am obsessed. Wool felt and wood dolls, easily two of my favorite things. Phoebe is very into it too. She is painting the dolls and tracing the patterns and doing some of the sewing. I’m making some on my own for her as she requests new characters. We’ve got a growing menagerie (as you can see on my instagram).

Phoebe made this Grandma to go with the Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf from the book.

And here are Hansel and Gretel from the book. I added some embroidery to the felt outfits.

Fairy Godmother I came up with at Phoebe’s request. She wanted her hair in a bun. It’s sorta bun-like. I just glued a blob of wool roving on her head and then futzed with it after it had dried and sewed it in place. Funny how the tiny dab sof paint for the face relay so much character. I think she needs a bit of an upward turn on her mouth blob. She needs to be cheerier.

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