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more peg peeps

Oscar was feeling left out so I made him this fellow. Then he went back to his video games.

And I made this gal inspired by this souvenir scarf I’ve hanging in my craft room.

7 thoughts on “more peg peeps

  1. These are fantastic! Where do you get your blank pegs? Also, what kind of paint do you find works best for them? Keep up the awesomeness 🙂

  2. I’m using watercolors and acrylics, whatever I have on hand. The pegs I got from amazon when I ordered the book but I’m about to order more from Casey’s Wood Products.

  3. Love these! I have a thing for peg dolls too. Great idea to use illustrations for inspiration. My family members have been my inspiration. Maybe I can give them a break now.

  4. That Gandolf is GREAT!

  5. What book did you order? These look like so much fun!

  6. Margaret Bloom’s book, link is in previous post

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