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“Corduroy” quilt idea

**updated bit at bottom**
This is the project that was a bee in my bonnet. The other night I was reading Corduroy to Oscar and Freeman’s illustration of a quilt on the girl’s bed caught my eye.

I love the "randomly tossed down squares" look of it and I thought that it’d be a cute quilt to make out of outgrown kids clothes. The old dress quilt. I have a disproportionately large selection of pinks in my fabric collection so … More

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Plain Spoken – check!

I finally finished the Plain Spoken quilt I pieced together in February and I have Kim to thank. After seeing her stunning p.s. top for the Modern Quilt-Along I actually turned around and took another look at the quilt that has been hanging over the back of my sewing table chair for 8 months. I just love the bright rich colors Kim used for hers and was wishing I’d gone brighter on mine. Oh, yeah I did. I remember now … More

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I’m working on a building

Log cabin man! It’s my new favorite pattern. Here’s a log cabin quilted pillow I made this weekend. I wanted to make something fun out of the beautiful center square that Camilla sent me. Now these little fellas are 3D and huggable and hanging out on the sofa with the rest of the softies. I’m hooked. I fear soon this house will be swimming in pillows!


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Oscar’s Racetrack Quilt

race track

Started last Spring, this quilt is coming in just under the one year mark. I saw the pattern in a quilting book, Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns by Patricia Wilens, that I got when I was pregnant with Oscar. It is the drunken path pattern (if memory serves) and they arranged the path to be one long roadway. I thought that’d be so neat for Oscar to drive his cars on. The fabrics I used are from thrifted kids clothes, … More

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Oscar’s Baby Clothes Quilt!

baby clothes quilt

I did it! I finished. phew. It was quite a day of speed-quilting yesterday. Oscar took 2 looong naps yesterday and I was able to baste it together, do all the quilting and make and sew on the trim! I think Oscar has realized it’s cold and snowy and we’re not going out for walks to the park or library so he might as well sleep all day. Poor guy, we’ll have to brave the cold today and go out … More

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Naming Conventions

There’s a beautiful afghan in my Mom’s living room that is referred to as the “20 year blanket” because that’s how long it took her to finish. This is my great white whale, the 10 year quilt. I promised Tim I’d have it finished in 10. I started it last Fall so that’s one year down, nine to go!

The pattern is grandma’s flower garden and the method I’m using is paper piecing. I cut out each hexagon of fabric, … More

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Baby Quilt

My friend Cindy is having a girl! So when I went to make her a baby quilt I really girl’d it up! Must be a reaction against all the blue in my house.

In a fit of creative energy I just jumped into making this quilt. Amazing that it turned out. I started by sketching out the quilt which was good but then I just started cutting willy nilly with no measuring. This made for tricky assembly when piecing the … More