picking fabric

I picked out some fairy body. I'll stuff her and start hair tutorial soon.

This hand piecing project has been just laying low for the past decade, making an appearance every few years. I pulled it out last week for something to do while watching tv and it occurred to me I have so many new prints now that I could add to it. Excited to do that this afternoon.

Another WIP, picking prints for a back to school top for Phoebe.

4 thoughts on “picking fabric

  1. Rabbit Is Wise says:

    Question for you regarding fabric purchasing… when you find a fabric you like but don’t have a set project in mind for it (i.e. you want to add it to your stash), how much of it do you purchase and/or how do you decide how much to purchase (when you don’t have a set project in mind)?? I have little to no stash and would like to have one that is versatile (that I can go to and have lots of options for potential projects)…

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