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paper piecing hexs

9 thoughts on “Hex

  1. Did you design the folky fabric? It’s so very you!

  2. I love the fabric..where can I buy it??

  3. Love this! So pleasing!

  4. they look great, wonderful fabrics! Is that wool in the center?

  5. Pretty fabrics!! please could you tell me where find it??????

  6. I’ve had that fabric forever! It’s japanese. Maybe they have it at super buzzy ?

  7. Love, love, love!

  8. What do the backs of your hexies look like? I cut fabric circles instead of larger hexies, so there’s no worry about the 1/4 inch folding over to the back. Love your work!

  9. I’ve been admiring your Hexie quilts for some time now. I am curious – how big are the hexagons and what do you use as your template? ie: paper, freezer paper, something acrylic? PS – this fussy-cut fabric looks like it will turn out real nice!

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