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I’m reading about tile quilts

It started when I found this fabric at Hancock’s of Paducah, Windham New Town Farm Crazy Quilt Panel. I love it, so folky and wacky. The border around all the shapes is what really caught my attention.

Then I checked out Crazy Quilts by Cindy Brick from the library and found a pic of this quilt, the Hattie Burdick quilt. Just amazing. The book calls these type of quilts tile, or stonewall quilts, and explains the that they’re appliqued … More

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picnic quilt I can’t bear to take outside

Today, another project from the stack… I finished piecing the picnic quilt I was working on (I think I blogged about this, gingham and kokka strawberries). I had two big pieces of vintage chenille bedspread that I sewed together and used as the backing and then I quilted it with little ties on the gingham. Oh, I love it so. It's an awesome heavy weight and the nubby backing is so great. Very satisfying! It's supposed to be for … More

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Phoebe’s baby clothes quilt!

A year or so late, here is Phoebe’s baby clothes quilt. Actually I’m not even going to say it’s late. I’m very proud of myself. We all know how keepsake projects can sort of drag on — burning all the video onto cds, finishing baby books, filling albums, etc. I’m pleased as punch to have finished one of my baby memento projects.

quilt made from baby's clothes

It’s a little willy wonky but not too bad for working with stretchy knits on a 25 year … More

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green and pink and black, again

Unbelievable.. it’s a finished project! This one I started back in March. I’m not sure how it won the lottery of which project to start with first but I’m glad it did because once I got going on it (after mulling it for a week or so) it went together in a day and I now have something finished! Nothing more invigorating than finishing something.

This puppy is for Phoebe and it’s in a favorite color scheme of mine, … More

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Christmas Wishes embroidery patterns and quilt

Check out what I woke up to this morning… Oscar sitting under the
Christmas quilt I finished last night. He was flipping through one of
his toy catalogs. How appropriate is that! This little boy’s dream
bubbles didn’t make it into the quilt though. I’m not a talented enough
stitcher to embroider tiny little transformers or millenium falcons.

So this is the Christmas quilt I made from the Christmas Wishes
embroideries. I’ll need to wait for a brighter day to … More

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new doll quilt

After an 8 (or so) month long break, I felt the urge to make another doll quilt for Phoebe. I was inspired once again by Jen’s photos from the International Quilt Festival in Tokyo. This one in particular was whispering doll quilt in my ear. I thought it was perfect because it’s the sort of thing that is awe-inspiringly crazy in a full size quilt but seems kind of quaint and homey in a doll size quilt. I also liked … More