gumdrop snap quilt

I know it’s not very Christmasy to swear so I will spare you the stream of happy cursing that’s running through my head. I just finished the last project on the “stuff I really want to get done this Christmas” list. I did it! Carol, look! I made it! No one is more amazed than I that I finished up this quilt not only before Christmas but enough before Christmas that I can actually sit under it and enjoy it … More


The thing one quickly realizes when trying to cover a wall with doll quilts, even a small wall, is that you need a certain density or it doesn’t work. To that end this week produced a few more additions for the wall. They’re all pretty much quicky specials — three of them I made yesterday.

Pinky here is made from thrift store linens. I ran out of batting so it has just flannel inside and I did a pillowcase binding … More

miss bunny and her outfits doll quilt

This doll quilt has been brought to you by the amazing phenomenon of… yard work! The exciting new activity around here that keeps both Tim and Oscar entertained for hours on end. It was heaven to sit in my craft room all weekend and putter while watching those two outside the window puttering in the backyard. We’ve become the putterers which is just how we’ve always wanted it. It was awesome to have a big chunk of time to work. … More

a new little quilt

I finished up another little quilt for junebaby’s wall this morning. I followed this pattern here. It’s a fun pattern to make. I highly recommend it!

I have two more little quilts swimming around in my head. A fussy cut number and one with some embroidery. I hope my energy lasts and I can get to them.

Thanks for all the nice comments on the house pics! I’ve been wanting to put up more photos everyday but there’s one … More

home sweet home

We’re here! We made it! It’s amazing… a miracle really. How those one gazillion bits of stuff and junk made it from there all the way over to here completely stuns me. We had the very best movers ever. They knocked it OUT! The best moving experience I’ve ever had. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and moving I highly recommend them… usa movers.

We’re falling over tired, completely surrounded by a fortress of boxes to unpack, ikea furniture … More

thank you Vicki!

Ok, I’m starting to get pretty excited when the postman rings my bell. Of course today he punished me for my eagerness by delivering maternity underwear and stamps. But look what he brought me yesterday! This gorgeous little doll quilt from Vicki!

Isn’t it yummy! Is it my pregnant-ness or does it make everyone want to dive head first into a strawberry shortcake. Getting to that point where everything reminds me of a treat. I just love these bright … More

thank you Josie!

Holy crap!

I cannot believe the mail the postman brought me today. I’m seriously floored. This amazing baby gift just arrived from Josie. Her note says “I’m not sure that this one will be good enough to make it on to the wall but I hope you like it anyway.” Um, yeah!! It’s gorgeous! Just look at it!

It’s putting my raggedy quickie specials to shame. The colors are perfect and the fabrics so cute and I just love … More