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Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern

The Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern got a refresh just in time for the Holiday Pattern Sale. It’s the same Make-Along Doll pattern but with some extras. Now instead of just the apron dress she comes with a few extra outfits to get you started.

Including 4 pairs of shoes! Mary Janes, moccasins, sneakers and boots.

Also included are more variations on the basic hairstyle. Including info on how to do bobbed hair, straight bangs and short boy hair.

With boy hair info and an outfit of t-shirt and pants you now have everything you need to make a boy doll.

With more variety in outfits and hair styles you’re sure to find something your doll fan will love. If you have any questions about how to custom your doll to your needs, just let me know in the comments.

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Butternut Bear

Our newest addition to the Make-Along family is a teddy bear doll. Phoebe named her Butternut and I think it fits perfectly. Made up in faux fur I think she has a great classic teddybear look. She could be made in wool or even cotton fabric as well, just nothing stretchy so she keeps her shape.

She has the same body as the Make-Along dolls so she can wear the same clothes, although her legs are shorter so her pants and skirts will need a good hemming.

I made her in October so of course I decided she needed an alpine hat. Which sent me on quite a journey. Making an actual, legit 3D hat is not easy! I’m very proud of myself for figuring this one out. Quite a feather in my cap, ha! The alpine hat and pom pom trimmed romper make up the “Oktobearfest” outfit set.

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folky block pincushion

Now that I have a GIANT bag of crushed walnut shells  sitting in my craft room you can expect a lot of pincushion action from me. I came across this folky vintage print while I was digging through my fabric bins and immediately thought pincushion 💡!

So I fussy cut out some squares, well not really fussy bc just squares but it was tricky getting those borders to line up, and I sewed them up into a cube and stuffed with my shells. It’s a wonderful heavy blobby block and I love it.

It doesn’t have a bad side to it.

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Fernie Fox, a new Make-Along Pattern

New in the shop today is a new addition to the Make-Along family, Fernie sewing pattern.

All of the Make-Along clothes will fit her but she also comes with the pattern for this very cute ruffled dress which looks great made up in a textured linen, fun plaid or a ditsy floral.

She was designed with her nose in the air to sniff out the fun and her tilted head also works extremely well for hugs, as she looks up sweetly at you.

And her pointy ears and tail make her extra foxy.

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teddy bear favs

Even though we have our design for the new Bear Make-Along doll all picked out, Goldilocks was having fun looking through the teddy bear books and picking out her favorites.

(Goldilocks is the Elsa doll in the Make-Along pom pom sweater btw)

Most of these are vintage Steiff bears and some are from Japanese craft books. The Make-Along Bear will be more of a bear doll than a teddy bear so that he can wear all the make-along outfits. But I do want to try a straight up legit teddy bear. I’m too chicken to actually cut into mohair though so it will have to be a faux fur from Joanns kind of deal. And I’d love to make a patchwork bear that was not too overly country crafts. Sort of like that last guy there.

I always flip flop with a teddy bear on which is cuter, a smile or a little frown.