Free Doll Pajamas Pattern for the Make-Along Club

It’s that time of year when getting cozy in a pair of festive pajamas is a top priority. These pajamas are worth the extra effort to get them just right. They would make a perfect holiday present for your Make-Along doll. Made with or without piping they turn out super cute.

Download the pattern pieces here and follow along below for instructions. You will need 26″ x 20″ of cotton fabric, 9″ of 1/8″ elastic, three 3/8″ buttons and either snaps or velcro closures if you don’t want to make buttonholes and an optional 45″ of 1/4″ binding tape to use as piping. If you can find tiny piping that will work too but general piping for adult clothing is too big for these little pjs. Seam allowances are 1/4″ unless noted. Cutting instructions are on the pattern pieces.

First, make the collar. With right sides together sew the two Collar (D) pieces around outer curved edge. If you want piping, pin it to one piece with outer edges matched up. Then pin your other collar piece on top and sew at 1/8″ from edge which will leave half of your 1/4″ wide binding tape showing as piping. Be sure the folded, not open, side of your binding is facing inward when you pin it so that it will side showing when you turn right side out. Turn collar right side out and press flat.

With right sides together, sew the Facing Back (F) to the Facing Front (G) pieces at the shoulders. Press seams open and pink inside edges of the facing.

With right sides together Sew the Top Back (B) to the Top Front (A) pieces at the shoulders. Press seams open.

Pin the collar to the neck edge of the Pajama Top lining up the centers.

If you are doing the version with piping here is where you add it to the front edges. Pin two pieces in place along the Pajama Fronts lining up the edges. Clip the binding tape pieces just as they overlaps the Collar.

Pin Facing to Pajama Top with right sides together, lining up edges and shoulder seams. Sew Facing to Top, if you are not doing piping use a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you are doing piping you’ll want a 1/8″ seam allowance along sides where the binding is and then you can go to a 1/4″ seam allowance along the collar edge. Turn facing to inside and press flat.

Make the cuffs on the Pant (E) legs and Sleeves (C) as follows. First press under 1/4″ to the wrong side and top stitch at 1/8″.

Next, press under 6/8″ to wrong side to make the cuff and then flip your piece over and fold up 1/8″ tucking the binding tape. inside the fold with 1/8″ showing. Topstitch along the edge of the cuff catching the binding tape in the stitches. If you’re not doing piping just top stitch along the folded edge. Repeat for all cuffs.

Pin the Sleeves (C) into the Pajama Top with with right sides together. Sew in place and clip or pink seam allowances. Press seams toward sleeve.

With right sides together, sew Pajama Top front and back together along underarm and side seams. Clip or pink seam allowances and press open.

To finish Pajama Top press under 1/2″ along bottom and topstitch at 1/4″. Sew 3 buttons to the front and either make button holes or sew snaps or velcro closures inside.

To finish the Pajama Pants, with right sides together sew Pants (E) pieces together along front and back center seams as shown. Press seams open.

Next, with right sides together sew pants together along under leg seam as shown. Then make the elastic casing around waist by pressing under 1/2″ and sewing at 1/4″ leaving a 1″ gap for the elastic. Thread elastic through casing, pull as taught as you’d like and clip ends and sew them together. Then sew up the gap and turn right side out.

Scandi Trio – new hand sewing patterns

I’m so excited to offer these new hand sewing patterns in time for Christmas, The Scandi Trio. It is a hand sewing pattern for a Christmas Pig, Yule Goat and Tomte. I’d made the little pig years ago and was recently trying to figure out some friends to make for her. Well of course I had Christmas on my mind. And I have so many Scandinavian Christmas decorations including a really cute wooden pig ornament. And I’ve always wanted to make a goat so I went with a Yule goat and a Tomte had to go along with them as well. I hope you guys like them! They are so much fun to make and they just make me laugh. 

The Yule Goat in his lederhosen.

They are between 9″-11″ tall and made from wool felt. You cannot use acrylic felt but wool or wool blend felt will work. Two great places I’ve bought felt from recently are Benzie Design and Felt on the Fly.

The Tomte in his tall hat and button down coat.

The Christmas Pig in her wraparound apron.

Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern

The Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern got a refresh just in time for the Holiday Pattern Sale. It’s the same Make-Along Doll pattern but with some extras. Now instead of just the apron dress she comes with a few extra outfits to get you started.

Including 4 pairs of shoes! Mary Janes, moccasins, sneakers and boots.

Also included are more variations on the basic hairstyle. Including info on how to do bobbed hair, straight bangs and short boy hair.

With boy hair info and an outfit of t-shirt and pants you now have everything you need to make a boy doll.

With more variety in outfits and hair styles you’re sure to find something your doll fan will love. If you have any questions about how to custom your doll to your needs, just let me know in the comments.

Butternut Bear

Our newest addition to the Make-Along family is a teddy bear doll. Phoebe named her Butternut and I think it fits perfectly. Made up in faux fur I think she has a great classic teddybear look. She could be made in wool or even cotton fabric as well, just nothing stretchy so she keeps her shape.

She has the same body as the Make-Along dolls so she can wear the same clothes, although her legs are shorter so her pants and skirts will need a good hemming.

I made her in October so of course I decided she needed an alpine hat. Which sent me on quite a journey. Making an actual, legit 3D hat is not easy! I’m very proud of myself for figuring this one out. Quite a feather in my cap, ha! The alpine hat and pom pom trimmed romper make up the “Oktobearfest” outfit set.

folky block pincushion

Now that I have a GIANT bag of crushed walnut shells  sitting in my craft room you can expect a lot of pincushion action from me. I came across this folky vintage print while I was digging through my fabric bins and immediately thought pincushion 💡!

So I fussy cut out some squares, well not really fussy bc just squares but it was tricky getting those borders to line up, and I sewed them up into a cube and stuffed with my shells. It’s a wonderful heavy blobby block and I love it.

It doesn’t have a bad side to it.