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Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern

The Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern got a refresh just in time for the Holiday Pattern Sale. It’s the same Make-Along Doll pattern but with some extras. Now instead of just the apron dress she comes with a few extra outfits to get you started.

Including 4 pairs of shoes! Mary Janes, moccasins, sneakers and boots.

Also included are more variations on the basic hairstyle. Including info on how to do bobbed hair, straight bangs and short boy hair.

With boy hair info and an outfit of t-shirt and pants you now have everything you need to make a boy doll.

With more variety in outfits and hair styles you’re sure to find something your doll fan will love. If you have any questions about how to custom your doll to your needs, just let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Make-Along Dolls Sewing Pattern

  1. Interested in patterns

  2. Do you have a video tutorial showing how to do the bobbed hair? I’m struggling to figure it out.

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