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Kit, Chloe and Louise

These three little gals have been on my mind for a looong time. They’ve finally made it out of my head here for a little debut. Kit, Chloe and Louise are three best friends who are up for all sorts of adventures and hijinks. What kind of gals are they? Well for one, these are the kind of girls who know how to stitch in a ditch.


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Shop Update

Hello! We’ve got new treats for the shop today. The Put-together Book No. 1: Kitty, Bunny and Bear is finally restocked! We’re also now wholesaling Put-together books so if you’re a shop, online or in life, and you’re interested in carrying them shoot me an email (hillarylang at for details.

Also in the shop today is a new Stitchette design, the Acorn Fairy. She’s running with some of her forest friends…rabbit, owl, a couple of squirrelsMore

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Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts

Look what I’ve finally got in my hot little hands, Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It’s got everything I look for in a sewing book; it’s beautifully styled and photographed (by Anna Williams), full of many, many enticing projects (unlike the stacks of books I’ve bought for only 1 or 2 projects),  clear instructions and passes the truest test of a craft book… has something that I have to drop everything for and make straight away … More

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Hand Sewing For Fun!

Maybe some of you remember me forecasting (back in March) hand sewing patterncards for Spring/Summer? We took photos, wrote out instructions, Tim laid out the patterns, we rustled up an amazing group of testers and got 99% of the way finished and then new house and baby took over. We hadn’t had a chance to look at them since. Until today… thanks to Grandma’s help with the kiddos we are now 99.9% finished. Butterflies, turtles, birdies and snailsMore

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Olive and Archie Knitting Patterns

With a gigantic pile of thanks to my knitting helpers, Michelle, Emily and Cate, Make-a-long Chapter 5 with knitting patterns is ready to go! Olive’s sporting a pleated jumper that buttons up the back and a snazzy kerchief with neckband to keep it in place and Archie is looking dapper in his new sweater vest. What are they up to in these new outfits? Take a peek…

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