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Olive and Archie chapter 3

Olive and Archie are bundled up and ready for their next adventure. You can read their new story here.

There will only be one pattern for this chapter, the unisex snowsuit, so it’ll be a cheapie. Should be up soon, I’ll send an email to the list when it’s done. Then it’s on to creating patterns for the knitted items I’ve made for them. I’m so excited about the knits! A little less excited about translating my very amateur … More

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Freebie Elf Stitchette Embroidery Patterns!

Freebies! Tra la la la…

I gave the ever popular redwork a try on these. I really like using a lot of colors when I embroider but I worked on these over Thanksgiving at my parents’ house so it was super easy to just bring one color of floss. I think they look really cute in all red.

We got our snow last night. Hurray! We’ve already been outside once this morning and now Oscar has  pulled his rocking … More

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Spaceboy & Robot

Why do robots have to be so hard? All cold and metal and beepy. And ever tried to cuddle up to a plastic Buzz Lightyear for a napper? We think space toys should be squishy and lovable and wrapped up under the tree this year. Put-together Book #2 Spaceboy and Robot is in the shop now for the low, stocking stuffing price of only $10!

12 page booklet includes full size pattern pieces, complete instructions and 6 additional control panel … More

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cooing and collating

Well I’m finally Aunt Hillary! Thanks Katie for the 8lb 8oz bundle of squirmy cute pink cheek baby! Oscar is very pleased Maggie is here. Last night when we were over there visiting Maggie was crying in the other room while getting her diaper changed and Oscar jumped up and said "I’ll go check on her." gah! I have a feeling things are about to get overwhelmingly cute around here. I’ll try to keep my gushing to a minimum. Plus … More

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freebie! wee bunny pattern

Time to get Easter (or whatever) crafting. The wee bunny pattern is now available in the new freebies section! Based on the wee pattern, the wee bunny is easy to make and very versatile. I used the ever abundant fleece, fuzzy side up, for my solid front but you could use whatever you like. The pattern calls for a pompom butt. I made my using my new pom pom maker and some yarn. You can go that route or you … More