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freebie sewing pattern

A free pattern for Pointy Kitty is now available to download! She’s a sort of trial run for the pattern booklets we’re working on. The PDF includes instructions and the pattern pieces. If you give her a shot I’d love to hear how it goes. Any feedback would be great!


102 thoughts on “freebie sewing pattern

  1. Looking forward to making this. The instructions look great.

  2. I am so excited to make this and can’t wait for the booklet!

  3. Ok, now I must add this to my “to make” list, she is soooo cute. But do I really have to make one for my neighbors?

  4. oh, that is adorable. Is that Amy Butler fabric?

  5. This is wonderful. Thank you! On the TO DO list now!!

  6. this is so lovely. i love your fabric choices.

  7. soo cute! i just made my first soft animal,, last week without a pattern and i think i’m hooked. thanks, and i’ll let you know what i think. so far, the instructions look great!

  8. She’s beautiful! Can’t wait to make her.

  9. Way, way, way cute. Great illustrations in the instructions. I’m impressed!
    One thing– piece B should be labeled “body”, right? It was labeled “head” when I looked at it.

  10. yep- double checked. It’s labeled head.

  11. Very adorable. I’m going to make a couple and I’ll send you the pics. Thanks for the pattern!

  12. Super cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  13. wow, that’s supercute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Love this kitty..I haven’t try sewing..but that’s definitely something I want to try to do,in my future plans. Besides,you inspire!

  15. What a pretty pattern! Just lookingat it I could understand what was wrong in one
    I done last year. It’s perfect and cute, as everything you do. I will definitely try to find time to try my hand at it!
    As a graphits myself,I would just say: when you make curves ( My guess is that you used illustrator) put the less points possible. It will make your perfect patterns easier to cut…And prettier to watch too!

  16. Thanks for the pattern! What a cute kitten.

  17. Cute pattern! I’ll probably make one (after finishing up all the projects I *must* do in the next week…) but I do have one question:
    Nowhere in the instructions that I saw was how to attach the head to the neck. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I just overlook that part?

  18. thank you, thank you, thank you! Hillary I’m so excited to try this. I think your design/layout looks great, too! thanks for sharing this with us.

  19. oh snap!! you don’t know me, I never comment, but I have totally admired this pattern before and I am SO PSYCHED. I suck at sewing but I am gonna make ony ANYWAY. Sweet deal.

  20. thank you very much for the pattern!! will definitely try! ^^

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I have a little boy who just loves kitties and is having a birthday soon. He’s going to love this!

  22. Delurking to say an enormous thank you – you’re so clever, she’s beautiful and I’m looking forward to making her!

  23. how generous of you to give this first one away for free!! i’m anxiously looking forward to the day when your pattern booklet goes up for sale!

  24. As soon as I saw this I grabbed some fabric and went at it! For my first 3D softie it turned out fairly decent! The pattern was very easy to understand and I made it in about an hour with multiple interruptions from my little one! My only problem was that I thought I was missing a page since I couldn’t find C, then I was like, duh, it’s a part of B! I can’t wait for your pattern booklet!

  25. Wow she is so pretty ^_^ Im going to try and make one, wonderful pattern layout! very easy on the eye and I can even make heads and tails of it which is quite a feat considering i havent done much sewing at all ^_^
    Thanks for sharing her!

  26. She is adorable! I don’t think I can add to my list of projects going on, but she certainly is tempting.

  27. soooo cute!!!! I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the freebee!

  28. *thanks* for the pattern! i have about 5 patterns from japanese books i have been trying to wrap my head around (mostly cats) – there is hope for this one actually getting made!!

  29. Oh, i’m so sad. I can’t seem to download your pattern and i so want to! It’s adorable and i really wanted to get started on it this weekend. Any suggestions? Once i hit download it just sits there on a blank screen for a Long while (i use Firefox as well as Explorer).

  30. Pointy Kitty is so sweet!
    I’m also a little confused about the proper method to attach softie heads. When I made the big head Japanese kitty, I managed to sew the head on but I had not idea what stitch to use or how to do it and it came out as a bobble head.
    Can you include head-sewing-on-tips-for-dummies in the pattern book?
    I’m so excited you are doing this!

  31. pointy kitty is adorable – i’ve downloaded her pattern and will be giving it a try for sure. thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. thank you for your generosity. The children and I will make our own pointy kitty this week. Happy craftin!

  33. vania, your email doesn’t work so maybe you’ll check back here. you can try to email me again from a different address and we can see what’s going on. most likely it’s just taking a long time to download. it’s a big file and if you’re on a dial up it will take a while.
    carol, that big head japanese kitty just is a bobble head. that’s how my big head kitty is too. for this kitty just pin it in place how you’d like it and then just sew where the pins are. you want to use a blindstitch. there’s a photo of that and a link to more description in the wee tutorial.
    and thanks everyone for the thank you’s! I had no idea how much work this was going to be and I’m really happy to hear people are excited about pointy kitty :)!!!

  34. oh wow-this is so awesome. and when am i going to do this?? I need to chuck all the other stuff and get working on this pronto. I love the hair-style on this little guy.

  35. Thanks, Hillary! I appreciate the thoroughness of your pattern pieces (the stripes, eyes and nose). While I might branch out and make my own or modify those you provided, I really prefer having the complete pieces instead of “cut felt for eyes as seen in photo.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I’ve never used a pattern before, but I’m excited to try this for Wesley. He will love it!

  37. thank you *so* much hillary! she is just the cutest lil thing and i know one lil girl that would love to have one of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I love this and am going to make it. My daughter has a real fascination with Cat Woman (she makes everyone call her catwoman.) I’ll be making this in black.
    And . . . I REALLY would love to make the big footed bunny for Easter. Puhlease, will pay big bucks for it (grin.)

  39. Hillary – Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, for free! I can’t wait for the booklet. I’m trying to get into making toys because now that I’m getting married I have extra nieces and nephews to impress at Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking at your beautiful softies for along time and I’m really excited to try the pattern. I know my 4 year old will Looooove it. I’ll buy the booklet too!

  41. Thank you !! Merci merci merci beaucoup (a lot !!) for this pattern (pour ce patron !) Gros bisous (big kisses !) from Belgium !

  42. what a nice thing to share a pattern and get us hooked! this does not look easy for a second time seamstress, but gotta try it anyway. will you do a flickr group with the results?

  43. it terribly cute. have downloaded the pattern and looking forward to try it. thanks so much!

  44. Hillary, thanks for the note. Little did i know we had installed Adobe Reader wrong – we just got a new computer. So, the problem was at my end. I am so excited to make this wonderful cat! Thanks so much for your generous offering!

  45. Thanks hillary!
    I plan to package the pattern with 3 different choices of fabric, some contrasting felt, and some button choices, then wrap the whole shebang in a big pink ribbon as a valentine’s gift for my 16 year old daughter! She’ll love making kitties!

  46. Fabulous–thank you for the pattern!

  47. Thank You for exquisite Kitty! : )

  48. Thank-you for sharing. I’ll get on to this straight away!!

  49. Whee~! I had to start on my kitty as soon as I saw your post, I really needed something to make for Valentine’s day and this was perfect! Thank you so much!! You can see my finished kitty here:

  50. oh this is great!!!

  51. How Wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  52. Thank you for the wonderful pattern. I am so excited about the packet now. ^^

  53. I finished my kitty here…
    So easy to make…except I think I sewed the underbody part on backward – back to front, front to back…but she looks ok. She’s a bit worried, because she knows she shouldn’t be climbing on my desk. LOL.

  54. thanks for posting the pattern, hilary! I made my pointy kitty this weekend. I thought the pattern was quite clear! Can’t wait to see the pattern booklet when it appears!

  55. This is an impressive pattern. The computer work is terrific (and that’s on top of the kitty being pretty cool too). My 10 year old started asking for a pink one the second the pattern came out of the printer. It will make an impressive first project for my new machine, due tomorrow. Thanks Hillary.

  56. Wow, what a gorgeous pattern! I can’t wait to finish cleaning my office so I can give it ago. Thanks so much!

  57. Too cute! Thanks for posting the pattern, I will def. try it out.
    Good luck with the book!!!

  58. Your pointy kitty is so cute. I am excited to try my hand at my first stuffed project. Thanks so much for the free pattern. It must be fun to think of all the pointy kittys that are springing up around the world as a result of your pattern.

  59. Hillary, you are the BEST! I’ve been wanting Pointy Kitty ever since you first created her! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  60. This is so very wonderful, Wee. Thanks!
    Still waiting for your book. I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

  61. Thank you for a wonderful pattern!! You do an amazing job with everything. Thanks!

  62. So cute! I’m definitely going to have to make one of those!

  63. I just couldn’t wait any longer. So yesterday 22.30 I started kitty. His head is nearly finished and it was so much fun. I desperately wanted this to become a favourite pattern because I just like kitty so much and so far so good!

  64. Question from a novice soft toy maker: how do you embellish securely after stuffing and not have knots, visible messes?
    thanks to anyone who can offer advice.

  65. oh my gosh! I’m so excited!
    I’m “softie challenged” but cannot wait to try!

  66. dlouise – I tie a knot in my floss and then start by pulling it through where it won’t be seen – under the felt, behind the buttons, etc. To finish, after the last stitch I push the needle through the toy to some other point a ways away (on the other side of the head, the body, etc) and pull the thread taut and clip. that way the long end of thread is jammed in there in the stuffing somewhere. haven’t had any come loose so far.

  67. Thanks very much! Can’t wait to have a go.

  68. Your cute kitty inspired me to make my first stuffed. Thank you so much. The pattern was wonderful and I can’t wait for the book as long as there are patterns for novices like myself. My kitty is pictured at

  69. I think you may have to start a pointy kitty gallery, after all of this great participation!
    I’m just starting mine today…

  70. OH MY! As soon as I saw your pointy kitty, I knew I had to make her. And you have another buyer for the book—I can’t wait for it !
    As a side note, I’m a secret reader of your blog! Sorry for the lurking–I promise not to do it anymore. You are such fun to read!

  71. thanks hillary! so sweet!

  72. Here’s my kitty!
    I liked the pattern, but I was unsure if you allowed for the 1/4″ seam allowance in the pattern pieces or was the crafter supposed to add in extra when cutting the pieces out? I made mine according to your directions and found the “C” piece to be really small when sewing, just a thought. Thanks again for the pattern!

  73. You are incredible! I can’t wait for the book!

  74. wow, hillary the site is so adorable, you must be pleased as punch!

  75. I wonder, am I supposed to add some extra fabric for the seem when cutting the pattern out ?

  76. I am absolutely LOVING this new page design!!!! I will come back several times today just to look again.
    Happy Valentine’s to you and your DH and little O.

  77. nina & nancy, nope the seam allowance is incorporated into the pattern. no need to add extra. nancy – the ‘c’ is really small, that’s why p.k. stands up!

  78. thanks for the fab pattern! i made one myself this weekend – although made a few tweeks to make her more my own. She’ll be posted on my blog tomorrow.thanks again!

  79. Dear Hillary, Firstly, thank you SO much for the freebie pattern! I cannot tell you how much I adore it (well I can, actually…love it!). So generous of you. That said, I now can’t wait for the pattern book, if this is a sneak-peek-treat as to what’s to come. Lovely!
    I also wanted to fyi you that I made my first Pointy Kitty last night for my wee lass for V-day. I made a tiny version. You can see it on my blog if you care to take a gander at what your pattern is inspiring. It was very easy to follow (the pattern)…no problems at all.
    Thank you again…YOU are always an inspiration to me (yes, always!).

  80. thank you for the pattern. I am just getting into sewing and can’t wait to make this sweet kitty. It is my girls favorite animal.

  81. I made your kitty for my daughter as a Valentine. She’s in love with it! Thanks so much for the pattern.
    I’ve posted a not very good pic at my site if you’d like to see it. I’m afraid I don’t know how to sew, but I like how it turned out anyway.

  82. Soooo cute! Love the fabric you used. I’ll be sure to let you know when I finish a kitty. Thank you so much for the free pattern!

  83. Hillary,
    This has always been one of my favorite creations of yours! thank you sooo much for sharing your pattern.

  84. I made a lovely little kitten out of linnen, leather and felt yesterday. I was feeling low because my boy gave me loads of wonderful valentine’s presents, but I haven’t got a penny spare to spend on him. A bit late perhaps, but today I posted the kitten together with a little story on how he came to be, and why. 5 euros on postage, and I feel all the better about this inter-continental relationship of ours ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!!

  85. I loved this so much I made it the day I downloaded the template. So wonderful, you.

  86. so cute and free! thank you super nice, talented human!

  87. Thank you for the adorable pattern. I can’t wait for your book to debut! I’ll be quick in line to purchase. I made the kitty for my son who decided this week we must get a cat. Great timing! Here is my try…
    As a seperate note, I just love Oscar’s Christmas bunny. My son too is a BIG fan of Little Bear and would just love this guy. Hope to see it in one of your books down the line.

  88. I’ve finished two. Love one and well my saon loves the first one. Pictures and story can be find here:

  89. It looks adorable! I hope to try it soon.

  90. Love the pic and pattern thanks? I’m finishing mine up today. I’m starting to see some cute pointy kitty pics on flickr. It would be fun if you had a gallery like you did for your wees (?).

  91. thanks for this pattern I made a black kitty (I love black cats) if you want to have a look it’s here : and here :

  92. I just finished my pointy kitty last night!
    What a fun project, i think i’ll be making more of them soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is mine..

  93. Yay! I love free patterns so much! I’m gonna have to make one of these. Will post a pic when I get one.

  94. I found this via looks like a good set of instructions with enough pictures for the visual learner types (like me) and reasonable text.
    am looking forward to making a few (my 20 year old nephew is cat mad and amused by periodic stuffed “critters”. If he likes this guy I’ll be making ones for the rest of the spawnlings, even if they aren’t so little anymore.) I don’t normally go for “cute” but these guys are a definite exception.

  95. hi! i just finished my pointy kitty, posted it to my blog and uploaded it to flickr. hurrah! thanks for the wonderful pattern.

  96. thank you for this great pattern.
    I’ve made my first Pointy Kitty this week ( ), but I am sure she will get a lot of brothers and sisters soon.
    greatings from the Netherlands

  97. I have just printed off the intructions and I cannot wait to make it! I am SO exited! I better get off and do it right now! I just wanted to say THANKYOU!
    So much for making this pattern availible!
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
    Okay, now I am going to go make the Pointy Kitty!

  98. I’m making kitty tomorrow! Love that it’s so quick! Can you put king turtle in your booklet? He’s gorgeous!

  99. Yay! Found several pix of pointy kitties on flickr. Absolutely have to make some. Tres cute!

  100. this is so coool i loved makeing it =]

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