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Olive and Archie Knitting Patterns

With a gigantic pile of thanks to my knitting helpers, Michelle, Emily and Cate, Make-a-long Chapter 5 with knitting patterns is ready to go! Olive’s sporting a pleated jumper that buttons up the back and a snazzy kerchief with neckband to keep it in place and Archie is looking dapper in his new sweater vest. What are they up to in these new outfits? Take a peek…


18 thoughts on “Olive and Archie Knitting Patterns

  1. oh loving their wee tuffets

  2. that is too cute! if only i could knit. that jumper is awesome!!

  3. That’s brilliant!

  4. soooooooo cute!! love them!!

  5. Hillary, I know you’ve got alot on your plate right now (new baby, house, WW, boxcar)…but if you could just make me a pair of ear warmers like Olive has that would be great.
    So just get on that, please 😉

  6. okay, please tell me those weren’t wee beanbag chairs that olive and archie were sitting in!

  7. Archie’s sweater is made from perfect Ravenclaw colors.

  8. I am hysterical about the Wysocki puzzle. My parents collect his art so they also have tons of the puzzles. We used to do them over any significant break from school.

  9. So adorable! I love their little outfits! Love love love!

  10. Love it! Now I have think of someone who can knit these up for me. Or maybe I should learn to knit myself. Na that would take way to long.

  11. Theres nothing i like more than a good sweater vest! Now i wish i could knit not crochet! I wonder how Olive and archie are doing on that puzzel…

  12. so cute, i really need to learn how to knit more than a scarf.

  13. So cute!

  14. I LOVE them! I need to learn to knit…again.

  15. Fantastic!!!

  16. I made my kitty today and he came out cute. I was thinking while stuffing the tail that you could add a small piece of pipe cleaner inside to make it bendable – the legs too for that matter.
    I shall post a photo soon
    Thanks for such a great pattern!!!!!

  17. thank you, thank you for taking the time for another installment of the O&A saga. No joke and no exageration, my kids ask me at least twice a week since they first met O&A if I’ve “talked” to you and if you have more of their story to tell. There have been tears involved when the answer was no, again…don’t worry though, the tears were probably more of a result of me pulling out my hair and screaming “No, no, no!! Haven’t I told you guys a million times that I will let you know when more of the story is up?? Now go watch tv or something and let me read my blogs in peace!” Really, though. You should be proud. You’ve captured their hearts 😉

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