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back to school is stressful so I knit a scarf

I love a good bulky yarn. This one is Red Heart Grande yarn from Joanns. I think I've knit 10 scarves like this one. Oh well, what's one more. This one got me through the first week of school. Now I need more yarn. Back to school is tough this year. I wasn't ready. I keep feeling like this is some sort of test run and they'll be back home and I won't have to worry about, well, I don't even … More

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tiny hat

This hat started out for me, and then maybe for Phoebe, but too small even for her! Passing down to 2 yo Simon. Is that pom too big for a boy?

Here’s the pattern, very cute but my scale didn’t turn out like theirs at all. Check out the pattern on ravelry to see other knitters’ notes!… More

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knitting a tiny hat with a cool cuff

Did you hear me last night? I was cursing the crap out of that provisional cast on. I wish I’d taken pictures of it, dangit. You crochet on  your cast on stitches. This is the video. It was easy to make, not so easy to unmake. While “carefully unraveling” the provisional cast on I was muttering and swearing and going on to anyone who would listen (nobody) how it was so much trouble and taking forever and couldn’t possibly … More

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Happy 2013!

It’s a new year, right? Hasn’t really kicked in over here yet. We still have too many holiday sweets around, the tree is still up and the only reason I got out of my pajamas yesterday was to go to the library to get a book to sit and read all day. (book was Where’d you go, Bernadette? and I really enjoyed it!) The kids have slowed into hibernation mode also which is wonderful. I’m sad, and a little panicked, … More