back to school is stressful so I knit a scarf

I love a good bulky yarn. This one is Red Heart Grande yarn from Joanns. I think I've knit 10 scarves like this one. Oh well, what's one more. This one got me through the first week of school. Now I need more yarn. Back to school is tough this year. I wasn't ready. I keep feeling like this is some sort of test run and they'll be back home and I won't have to worry about, well, I don't even know. Whatever it is that has my chest all tight. I wish so badly that they went back after Labor Day like we did in the olden days. Seems less abrupt. 

I just noticed, even tiny knit bear got a chunky blue scarf at some point

Info on the stitch I used from The Complete Guide to Needlework

Trinity stitch: A smaller, less complicated knot than either a popcorn or bobble. It is formed by making a double increase in one stitch followed by a double decrease in the next. Trinity (also called blackberry) is a popular choice for one panel in an Aran motif. Note that at the end of Row 2 there are 2 stitches fewer than you started with. At the end of Row 4, the pattern normalizes to the starting number.

Multiple of 4 sts plus 3

Rows 1 and 3: purl

Row 2: *P3tog, KPK into next st*, P3tog

Row 4: *KPK into first st, P3tog*, KPK into last st

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