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new outfit for Zoe

Today Phoebe made some new green shoes, floral skirt and ballerina headband for her doll. She cut out the felt shoes and hand sewed them together. She pushed the gas on the sewing machine while we sewed the skirt and threaded the elastic through the waistband with a safety pin. And she measured out the ribbon for the headband. She’s working on a drawing for a friend for Zoe now. I’ve fallen so out of habit with crafting with the kids. Oscar never makes anything anymore. And although Phoebe is always drawing and coloring she doesn’t stick with other crafty endeavors for long. I need to make this a priority! I need to make a maker.

3 thoughts on “new outfit for Zoe

  1. I never learned how to sew, but I must say you guys make it look much more painless than I could ever imagine. Beautiful!

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