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multi directional scarf

I finished up my new fall scarf. I used this pattern for a multidirectional diagonal scarf and my yummy dazzle yarn. Now that it’s finished I’m not sure if I like it. You think I’d notice this while working on it but I have a weird “project in progress” blindness that keeps me from determining if I think it’s working until after it’s complete. isn’t that handy? I liked the way the dazzle looked in stockinette stitch better than garter … More

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Turn up the AC!

Time for a Fall sweater photo shoot. I finally finished George last night! Of course I was sewing up the final edge as Tim was putting Oscar to bed so I had to wait til this morning to see how it fit. It was worth the wait, he’s adorable in it! Oh where is this Fall they’ve been talking about? Time to sweater up the boy!

I was so excited to knit this sweater because it was out of my … More

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Buried treasure

aha! Look what I found when I was reorganizing my yarn stash. I knit this little helmet (as the pattern refers to it) from a vintage Patons magazine last Winter for Oscar. I wasn’t very pleased with it because it seemed so big and boxy and, well, helmet-y. But I wasn’t taking into account the fact that his head would grow! Now it fits perfectly and looks pretty darn cute. So I finished off the tassle and ties last night … More