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old kids books

Here are some more peeks at the book sale stash I mentioned the other day. As most of you know, I am a huge sucker for vintage kids books. I pore over them at every book sale, garage sale & thrift store we go to and have a fast growing collection to show for it. We were running out of room at the apartment but now that we have a basement, bring them on!

Illustrated childrens books are the one … More

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some excellent mail

When Ginny, a librarian in Seattle, emailed me out of the blue with the subject line “want books” I of course emailed back “yes please!” boy, I had no idea what amazingness I was in for. She’s got my number!

Lokomotywa, a Polish children’s book of poetry by Julian Tuwim, illustrated by Jan Marcin Szancer, 1938. Of course we’re huge into trains around here, and the colors and illustrations are so beautiful. I love this book. more photos from the … More

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“Corduroy” quilt idea

**updated bit at bottom**
This is the project that was a bee in my bonnet. The other night I was reading Corduroy to Oscar and Freeman’s illustration of a quilt on the girl’s bed caught my eye.

I love the "randomly tossed down squares" look of it and I thought that it’d be a cute quilt to make out of outgrown kids clothes. The old dress quilt. I have a disproportionately large selection of pinks in my fabric collection so … More

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Chiri & Chiriri

I found this gorgeous book the other day at the Japanese bookstore. I’m in love with it! I had to show some restraint not to photograph every single page and put it up here. Now I just need to figure out what the story is. And the title! It goes something like this…

We’re the cutest little twins ever. Let’s go ride bikes!

I know this cute little restaurant in the middle of the forest

Not only is it woodchuck-accessible, … More

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But when they were naughty Mr. Bear had to scold them

I was walking by the Magic Tree bookshop on the way back from the local yarn shop when I spied this book, The Lonely Doll in the window and it seemed so familiar that I went in to check it out. The black and white photographs of a cutie doll and bears were intriguing and I’m sure we had it when we were kids so I bought it. I got it home and read it and good grief!!! The lonely … More