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I like how you roll Nunzio. Loving this bookplate from a thrifted Amelia Bedelia book we found on vacation. I have LOTS of new old books to share. It was book sale month for us and we picked up so many amazing finds. I’ll try to take pics today. Also I realized I’ve sewn 3 or 4 things that I haven’t blogged. Probably bc I can’t figure out how to do so without taking photos of myself. Maybe I’ll work … More

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Here’s How and When

Things are really chugging along here in organization land. I think the rest of the family is ready to be done with my sort and discard craze but it feels sooo good to finally go through stuff. It's addictive. I've been through all our clothes, the kids clothes, the kids toys, started on the basement and have gotten a good jump on the craft room. The wood paneled family room is now cottonball white and so beautiful we're kicking ourselves … More

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vintage childrens books

I'm embarrassed to admit this.. I haven't been to one garage sale yet this season. I have excuses — rain, soccer, etc — but really I've just be so disappointed in garage sales out here that I barely have the energy to try. Luckily my sister is still on the chase and she'll pick up the things for me that seem "hillary" to her. Thanks KT!

I love these two!Reminds me of my two (on a good day).

fun endpapers… More

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gotta love a library that never weeds

Oscar and I are reading this book.

We’re loving it! Oscar thinks it’s hilarious and I’m just so glad to be getting a break from the magic tree house books he loves.

On deck for us, more hi-jinks

And these are for me. These are the books, probably the exact books, I read as a tween… in the 80s. Nothing like heading into high school armed with vital morality tales like the Luckiest Girl who realizes of course how lucky … More