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i like orange

from the most amazing new book I found at the last book sale, What is a Color? by Alice and Martin Provensen, c. 1967.

I love the text littered with little drawings. It reminds me so much of other books I had in my childhood. It’s giving me quilt ideas.

32 thoughts on “i like orange

  1. I love their books, too. Very inspiring (I’m also a quilter!). I got one at a garage sale several years ago by them called “A Book of Seasons”. The illustrations are charming, and I read it over and over to both of my kids, who love it.

  2. So cool… love the text. Would love to see more.

  3. I Love orange too!!
    I just discovered Dick Bruna (creator of Miffy) at the library. The drawings are so simple and sweet!

  4. looks like a great book – I’ll have to look for a copy . . .

  5. great book!

  6. i had that book growing up! i really loved it. now i’m going to have to look for it for my girls for a christmas present!

  7. I haven’t posted before but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I just had to say I love this post today. What a find. I’m not sure why I like it so much but I do. It would be fun to make my own page of orange things that I love. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Very cool illustrations – thanks for sharing them.

  9. I do so hope those quilt ideas turn into an actual quilt. Would love to see what you make with this.

  10. Oh yes! I can see all the ideas. They’re inspiring me too. Thanks!

  11. Great find! They wrote one of my all time faves, The Color Kittens, too. The lollipops for “o’s” is perfect.

  12. small world — meg *just* wrote about these illustrators for beautiful book week :^)

  13. holy crap, a quilt!!!

  14. Oh, I love beautifully illustrated books! Beautifully illustrated everything. I buy it them just in case I might want to scan them in one day…

  15. I work in a school and I am a discarded library book junkie. Sadly, books like this little gem are often never checked out because the elementary kids are so media soaked that they are much more interested in books featuring the characters they see on t.v. I give them a good home and treasure them for their beautiful illustrations.

  16. What a fun and inspirational book! Great find!

  17. Love, love, LOVE the Provensens!
    I don’t think I’ve seen that book, though!

  18. Gotta love a book that gives you quilt ideas!

  19. Another great book about colors is Hailstones and Halibut Bones.

  20. i like orange, too! =) i love that such a simple find can inspire in such great ways. i’m gonna have to be on the lookout for books like this!

  21. When I was a kid, we had their “farm” books – about the animals living at the farm they lived on/wrote about.
    I loved their books. I haven’t ever seen this one but it looks really neat.

  22. I love that book!!!

  23. What a find! I love it!

  24. I like books about liking orange! I forgot about such cuteness! 🙂

  25. I can’t wait to see what those ideas are!! In college I would buy orange soda during stressful exams because I always said you can’t be unhappy when you drink orange pop! 😉

  26. i heart orange. that book looks fabulous!

  27. I like Orange.
    I like this post.

  28. Great book! And YES to a quilt!

  29. I love to write notes like that sometimes. And sometimes grocery lists. Now I probably sound odd, but I’m all about trying to work in a bit of creativity whenever I can!

  30. what a great book!

  31. I had that book when I was little, too. I remember spending hours pouring over it and studying the illustrations. There was always something new to see. Now, my mother reads the same copy to my children!

  32. Several of my blog readers sent me over here to admire the page of orange illustrations you posted. I love it!
    –Jess from How About Orange

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