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Baby Quilt

My friend Cindy is having a girl! So when I went to make her a baby quilt I really girl’d it up! Must be a reaction against all the blue in my house.

In a fit of creative energy I just jumped into making this quilt. Amazing that it turned out. I started by sketching out the quilt which was good but then I just started cutting willy nilly with no measuring. This made for tricky assembly when piecing the … More

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Time to get crafting

I’ve finally become motivated to do something with all the raw materials I’ve accumulated over the years. Every trip to the thrift store/garage sale/flea market ends up with something being added to my stash for making a something or other some day down the road. Today is that day!

I recently set off searching to find some cheap yarn online and found myself sucked into the world of crafting webblogs. So inspiring! What a great place to brainstorm, get feedback, … More