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I am a superstar. I was able to (for the first time in my short career as a mother) coax Oscar back to sleep after he woke up from a super short napper. hooray! So I used my extra free time to finish this Pretty Princess paperweight from the Omiyage book. This is my second one. I made the first for my 14 year old niece as a “good luck at high school” present. I’m sure she thinks I’m a … More

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a puppy doll

I made another little pillow doll to hang out with the skinny bunny. I made him out of a soft blue lambswool sweater I found at the thrift store and a vintage healthtex tee. I think I’ve achieved the correct balance of height, width and stuffedness. He’s the perfect little pillow. I had some trouble making him look like a puppy and not just a bunny with bent ears. I hope the big nose did the trick!



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But when they were naughty Mr. Bear had to scold them

I was walking by the Magic Tree bookshop on the way back from the local yarn shop when I spied this book, The Lonely Doll in the window and it seemed so familiar that I went in to check it out. The black and white photographs of a cutie doll and bears were intriguing and I’m sure we had it when we were kids so I bought it. I got it home and read it and good grief!!! The lonely … More

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Baby Quilt

My friend Cindy is having a girl! So when I went to make her a baby quilt I really girl’d it up! Must be a reaction against all the blue in my house.

In a fit of creative energy I just jumped into making this quilt. Amazing that it turned out. I started by sketching out the quilt which was good but then I just started cutting willy nilly with no measuring. This made for tricky assembly when piecing the … More