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Time to get crafting

I’ve finally become motivated to do something with all the raw materials I’ve accumulated over the years. Every trip to the thrift store/garage sale/flea market ends up with something being added to my stash for making a something or other some day down the road. Today is that day!

I recently set off searching to find some cheap yarn online and found myself sucked into the world of crafting webblogs. So inspiring! What a great place to brainstorm, get feedback, stay motivated. So here’s mine to keep me on track.

3 thoughts on “Time to get crafting

  1. Oh, yes. I am right now on the stage of getting sucked into crafting webblogs…

  2. Wow. So neat to read your first post (unless I’m missing others before this?) to see where you started. I have taken exactly the same road. Storing materials and supplies away for “some day”. Getting hooked on craft blogs…
    You’ve come a long way and I really admire your work tremendously. You’re a huge inspiration!
    Nice to see we all begin somewhere.

  3. Today’s my day to discover craft blogs. Your site couldn’t be a better introduction.

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