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How to make: Wool Mouse made with wooden acorn

I saw the cutest palm sized cloth mice toys and I thought oh, how clever, they made the faces from wood acorns. But no that’s silly they were all cloth and soft and cute, but it stuck in my head, wondering if it would work so I made these little mice. I have a large assortment of wooden peg people, balls and other shapes and one of my favorites are the wood acorns, like these guys (amazon affiliate link)

I used pink wool felt for the ears, very thick fuzzy grey wool that I had from felting a lambswool sweater, the wooden acorn, craft glue, stuffing and plastic beads. This is very forgiving project so you can eyeball your shapes from mine below. The hole for the acorn face should be just smaller than the acorn so it doesn’t pop through.

I drew the nose and eyes on the acorn with black marker and then ran a thin line of glue around outside edge of the face.

Then I popped the acorn head through the hole and pressed the wool down into the glue and waited for it to dry.

Then I folded the wool piece in half with bottom edges lining up and face facing inward and sewed up the sides.

Turn right side out. Pin the round base to the bottom and sew 3/4 way around leaving a gap open to stuff it. I stuffed with polyfill and then put plastic filler beads at the bottom to weigh it down. Then sew it closed.

Fold a tuck in the ears and sew to the head. I trimmed my ears a bit after sewing them on because they were too mickey mouse. And I didn’t make a tail because for some reason mice are cute but mice tails, gross me out.

And that’s it! Wooden acorns tops would make cute faces on all sorts of woodland animals, fox, deer, squirrel, raccoon.

5 thoughts on “How to make: Wool Mouse made with wooden acorn

  1. Soooo cute! I’ll have to try this.

  2. My 4 year old granddaughter has seen me mending with needle and thread. She asked me to teach how-to see. I got befuddled and tried showing her how to embroider.🙄

    She adores critters over humans and feels the same about dolls. I’m thinking this will be the just right project for her. She has learned to cut simple shapes, can make the eyes with a felt tip pen and I have all these things. So, thank you!

  3. This is wonderful. I did not know that acorn faces existed. Thank you. I want to make a Christmas Village with sweet creatures. This is perfect. Thank you for the tutorial. I bought one of your patterns several years ago and have made numerous adorable dolls for my grandkids. I will probably purchase the fox pattern. Too cute. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks! When I was obsessed with making wooden peg people I found all sorts of great wood shapes existed. My favorite are the acorns. I also love the snowmen, the candle cups, bells, eggs. Check out Casey’s Wood Shop…

  4. I did order the across for faces through your link and they have already arrived. Looking forward to making some adorable creatures. Thank you so much for the link to Like I said before, I didn’t know these existed! Thank you again!

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