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Make-Along Animals Pattern Subscription

Added to the shop this week were Honey Bunny and the outfit set “Spring It On!”, the first of 6 installments in my new Make-Along Pattern Subscription. Make-along Animals and Dolls are made the same size so that the outfit patterns will fit them all, so lots of choices! There are more details over in the shop and if you have any questions, let me know.

Make-Along Animals Pattern Subscription

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.33.11 PM

6 thoughts on “Make-Along Animals Pattern Subscription

  1. Oh my gosh these are way too cute!! Love them. I’d do it if I didn’t already have 1,000,000 projects! 😀

  2. any hints as to the other animals?

    1. Most likely Kitty and Deer

  3. These guys are adorable! I love that they can all share clothes. Let’s hope they don’t fight over their favorite sweater! 😉

  4. omg the cottontail hole in the pants… LOVE

  5. Hi. I already bought the make-along doll pattern. I would like to know if It is possible to buy the pattern for the clothes only from your make-along animals. Thanks
    I love everything you make. And my children love them too. 😉

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