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Clover fork pins to hold doll hair in place

handmade doll with yarn hair

I did order these Clover fork pins I mentioned and I love them! They’re perfect for using as hair pins to set super long yarn doll hair into all sorts of hairstyles. Of course they’re for display only, not play because they’re pins but they’re also great for holding a complicated hair-do into place so you could sew it down.

pink hair, don't care

7 thoughts on “Clover fork pins to hold doll hair in place

  1. She is fabulous!

  2. impractical? as in not practical?

  3. She’s wonderful!!!
    Love the pink hair!

  4. Very stylish updo!

  5. I’m hoping for the pattern!

  6. I love the hair! I was considering giving away some mohair yarn that I’ve held onto for way too long, but I hadn’t thought of making doll hair with it. So great! The hoarding will continue.

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