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holiday making & wee wonderfuls patterns

makealong dolls and sweater patterns at wee wonderfuls

Hi all! So… what’s everyone sewing this holiday?! I have started on a number of projects to bring handmade dolls & patterns to the site and the shop and I’m hoping I’m on the right path but please let me know if there’s something else you’re interested in!

doll knitting patterns at wee wonderfuls

I will have the cardigan and overalls outfit ready for Make-along next week and am hoping to squeeze in one more before Christmas. I was thinking a fancy dress up outfit but can’t find a dress design I love. Any suggestions?

elsa doll sewing pattern at wee wonderfuls

I was also thinking about doing an add on to the Elsa pattern to include another yarn hair variation and this jumper. And.. maybe a sweater?? I’m working on that today and fingers crossed, it will fit!

doll clothes sewing patterns at wee wonderfuls

Kit, Chloe and Louise are super fun to make for little kids and I had so much fun making these outfit sets for them. I was hoping to add more ideas/tutorials on how to repurpose thrifted baby clothes into cute doll outfits.

I am trying to organize myself into one big to-do list, so please, any input welcome! Thanks so much and so excited it’s the handmade gift time of year! xoxo (¬‿¬)

9 thoughts on “holiday making & wee wonderfuls patterns

  1. I’d love a Mrs Claus on cushion!

  2. I love the knit sweaters! Especially if you have one for Make-Along; and different hair styles are always fun to try 🙂

    How about a Christmas dress in red with a crisp white pinafore to go over it for a holiday dress?



  3. Hi

    I would love to see a pattern for the foxes wearing the overalls and also suggestions for nighties/pjs /dressing gowns suitable for Christmas morning wear. Love the pin cushion too!


  4. I absolutely love the sweet deer!
    Will this be a pattern to purchase soon?
    if so sign me up. I would like it as soon as possible. I would love to make it for a few of my grandsons. I am already making six of the make along dolls for my grandchildren. I have made three of them boys. Making a few alterations on the clothes making them into little boys attire.

  5. That pincushion is darling!

  6. I’d love a pattern for the pincushion! It would be sweet to bring that out every year for Xmas crafting…

  7. I LOVE those deer in the overalls – any chance of a pattern for them (or the other animals you’ve shown in the make-along clothing)?. My daughter is all about animals and less about the dolls.

    I’m going with my daughter to see the Nutcracker in a couple of weeks and that makes me think of ballerinas & tulle. Maybe something with glitter tulle for a holiday outfit? Or the spring picnic dress in satin or plaid, with slightly puffed short sleeves?

  8. Ooh, and what about a velvet/fur cape and muff?

  9. a bubble hem formal dress !

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