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Free Cardigan knitting pattern for the Make-Along doll

free doll cardigan knitting pattern

Tiny, cozy sweaters knit for handmade dolls, it doesn’t get much cuter than that! Please enjoy this knitting pattern for a cardigan for the Make-Along doll. It is knit in sock yarn with size 2 needles. Tiny, but not too crazy small. It is a different version than the sweater I replicated from my great grandmother’s pattern which involves a lot of seaming. This one is knit from top down in one piece and sleeves can be knit in the round for no seaming at all. Thanks so much Anh for all your help in putting this together!

4 thoughts on “Free Cardigan knitting pattern for the Make-Along doll

  1. A delightful sweater for a delightful doll; thank you!



  2. Your work is fantastic. Congratulations. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank yo.

  3. It’s adorable:) Thank you so much for the pattern!

  4. This is lovely! And may I say that your dolls have the best hair? The best!

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