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little baby bear

Of course after clearing out/destashing my basement fabric supply I get the bug to make a bear from felted thrifted sweaters. I’d held on to that stuff for years! Since this era! (because Wee Wonderfuls is such a vast empire that I can refer to its past in eras) And then I tossed it all. Oh, I’ll never get around to using all that. What’s that declutter rule, if you haven’t used it in x years than toss it. And you’ll want it the next day! So of course I find myself at the thrift store last week searching for wool sweaters to felt down. Big thanks to my thriftpal Lisa who spotted a pink cashmere and wool fair isle sweater for me!

A little fuzzy bear.

8 thoughts on “little baby bear

  1. Pattern for that bear, please! Or a tutorial!

  2. Yes, please on the pattern! Or just the head? So cute-this will make me not toss the sweaters in that pile in the corner 🙂

  3. Awwww! Now I know why I didn’t through those felted down sweaters away! I have pink and blue and fair isle.

  4. Oh my goodness he is CUTE! And another request for the pattern please!

  5. He is so sweet! Thanks for the pic!

  6. Cutie! I’m glad you posted this as I have a lovely stash of wool sweaters which I’ve been trying to decide to keep or donate. Seeing this beat reminds me why I’m going to regret it if they go!

  7. Love this little bear! You have the right idea!

  8. That’s so so so cute! 🙂

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