Perfectly round bear – REVISED!

thank you Katie for pointing out he looked more like a kitty! (that’s what happens when one is distracted by the thorpedo on tv) I think this is a huge improvement…


Here’s the latest stuffed guy. He’s a little off … as they all are I guess. His shirt is way too long and his head is a little too small. Basically it’s all about the shirt for this guy! Well, I was in a hurry, wanted to get out of the crafting room and watch some Olympics. Still has no name. We were thinking Harlan for the next one (to stick with the pattern). But it doesn’t really fit this little gentleman.


In other news, we’re never getting a house because I spent our savings on magazines yesterday at Barbara’s Bookshop. Can’t wait to get a chance to sit and read the new September magazines! Except Vogue of course, there was no September Vogue to be found anywhere! Where is the damn fattie Vogue?! (ps. noticed an article on the Lonely Doll in Bust – things get creepier still)

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