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I made Phoebe these slippers while she was at preschool today. I had the idea to make multi colored poms and needed something to pom them on and thought of slippers. I resized this pattern and made them out of some stretchy fake fur I had on hand. Pretty easy and they even fit her! Good sunny day's work.

9 thoughts on “slippers

  1. I love these slippers! I think I’m going to make some really bright and cheerful pompoms to attach to my slippers, just so I can look at them first thing in the morning. Or whenever. How can you be anything but cheerful with pompoms on your toes?? (PS – I made the Mermaiden!

  2. Those are adorable and she seems to like them a lot!

  3. love those little slippers!

  4. so cute. and i love that you had stretchy fake fur on hand!

  5. Adorable! Love the different colored pom poms!

  6. They are adorable!!!!

  7. awww too cute.

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