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doll girl!

Something has happened the past month, since Christmas really. Phoebe has, and a dare I type it out loud in case it’s a brief passing phase, but she’s become a doll girl! The mountains of handmade and storebought dolls that decorate her room are actually getting outfit changes and going to bed and having snacks. They have names and discussions with each other and plans for the day. It’s pretty awesome to be able to hand over a box of doll clothes I made when I was a kid and have Phoebe be really excited about it. Or to bring down the teeny tiny re-ment toys I’ve been saving for Barbies and watch Phoebe’s face light up. Even if it means those teeny tiny toys being strewn (lost) all over the house. I’ve so excited to see this stuff get some play that even the control freak in me is happy. 

Pinch me!

And then forget you ever read this because I certainly didn’t say it or jinx anything.

9 thoughts on “doll girl!

  1. I read nothing. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. (wink, wink)
    (oh…and Phoebe is a lucky girl to have such a talented doll maker as a mom) 🙂

  2. Lucky! I am waiting for my four year old Lucinda to become a doll girl. I have made her many and given her my old ones, along with others I have collected along the way and she could care less…..I guess I’ll have to keep playing with them 🙂

  3. Oh that’s so cool! I’m in the middle of making one of your Chloe dolls for my baby’s first birthday, and I must admit, I’m hoping she’s going to love dolls too!

  4. I was a doll girl. IN A BIG WAY. I have one child. A daughter. I have waited patiently for her to turn into a doll girl. So so patiently. Sometimes not so patiently. She has my genes. She HAS to be a doll girl. She just turned seven. I think I have to face up to reality (with tears) and accept she is not and never will be a doll girl. Oh the fun we could have had. Sniff…

  5. Oh I remember this feeling well! The day my daughter became a doll girl (I was HUGE doll girl) just made everything sing. I was seriously on cloud 9. Enjoy it! 🙂
    Oh yeah… and I just forgot everything you wrote. Never read it. 😉

  6. Mommy heaven.

  7. My daughter has always been a luke-warm doll girl but a HUGE stuffed animal fan so I’ve been able to satisfy my toy-making urges that way thank goodness. What she’d go nuts for though are the re-ment toys – did you buy yours directly from the (rather intimidating) Japanese site or from somewhere else?

  8. You give me hope that my 5 year old total non doll girl may turn into one! At least my 2 year old shows very promising signs of being a lifelong doll girl like her mum! 🙂

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