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super friends

My color therapy for today.. working on a pair of cross stitched super girls

superhero cross stitch

31 thoughts on “super friends

  1. Fantastic!
    I got your package today, Thanks!

  2. Super cute and lots of fun. What a cool idea for a Friday.

  3. Love it! The colors put a cheerful note on this rainy, dreary week. Thanks!

  4. I love her little crown…even super heros need to be princesses too 🙂

  5. love.
    she is super-cute 🙂

  6. So adorable! I love the colours.

  7. Oh she is just lovely!!! I need to learn how to cross-stitch

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of super girl cross-stitch. Brilliant! (No pressure…but I know your fans would be over the moon if pattern for this popped up in your shop one day.)

  9. super cute! Getting into cross-stitch is on my to-do list!

  10. LOVE IT!

  11. super girl dolls!!!
    so great.

  12. I’ve told myself for years that I don’t like cross-stitch…but you’ve made it awesome 🙂

  13. Supergirl is Supercute!

  14. Now that is just too cool! Very nice. 🙂

  15. I *love* this idea! So cute!!

  16. I love her!!! How are you able to sit down for a lengthly period of time without your kids bugging you every two minutes? If you have a trick, please share!

  17. so fun. perhaps she has the power to bring spring soon.

  18. super girl is super cool. no P for Phoebe?

  19. Hee, at first I wanted to write F…that is the coolest thing about her name.

  20. How wonderful! I’ll have to try cross-stitching.

  21. Please say you are releasing this as a pattern…I must do “her” on bookmarks for my girls…

  22. Girls are Super! Love this liitle one.

  23. Hi Hillary, I received yesterday the lovely thank you pillow for participating as a tester. A thousand thanks. Lovely stitches. Have a good day!:0)

  24. Super cute.
    I nominated you for a Sunshine award on my blog. Love the work you do.

  25. super adoreable, are you making it into a pattern?

  26. I love this. I can’t wait to see them all. I made the apple cross stitch for my mother for Christmas and she loved it. I wanted to make her something small since she already has so many crafty things on her walls.

  27. she is absolutely adorable!

  28. Beautiful!! There is so clarity in your stitch work.
    Completely adorable!

  29. OMG! I love this. My 5 year-old daughter loves super-heroes: “I’m not into princesses anymore mom, I’m into super-heroes.” She would go crazy for this little cross-stitch super-girl!

  30. Love this! Beyond cute.

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