ed emberley

The very last thing I should be spending my money on is more fabric but I couldn't help myself, Ed Emberley! (bought from feltcafe) I've already thought of an idea for a project though so that makes me feel better. A new pillowcase for Oscar's bed. I've got another project in mind for his bed. And Phoebe's too. I'm hoping there will be some quilting in my near future.

ed emberley fabric

16 thoughts on “ed emberley

  1. kiddlebug says:

    I have had Ed Emberley on the brain lately. I want to find some of the drawing books to show my kids but the library doesn’t have any! How is that possible?
    Maybe I could show them the fabric…..then I would have some too.:)

  2. busyHSmom says:

    OMG! Pee in my pants! Our family has been EE fans forever!! I raised my kids on his art books. Emberly fabric is just toooo cute! Thanks for letting us know about this.

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