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That's the effort it took for me to sit and play with felt for an hour this morning. Oh the things I had to ignore, stuff down, turn off. And I am not really an overly busy person. If I have a concrete task, it's done before I can even write it on my to-do list. But if I want to just fart around in my craftroom I can't seem to fit it in. 

Ok, now I'm just staring out … More

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picking fabric

I picked out some fairy body. I'll stuff her and start hair tutorial soon.

This hand piecing project has been just laying low for the past decade, making an appearance every few years. I pulled it out last week for something to do while watching tv and it occurred to me I have so many new prints now that I could add to it. Excited to do that this afternoon.

Another WIP, picking prints for a back to school top … More

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Thanks everyone for the school garden info! I'm looking through it all. I'm realizing that so much of it just doesn't apply to us, first anything in California. We have such a short season here in Illinois to work on a garden at school. Maybe a month or two before school lets out for Summer and same amount of time after we get back in the Fall. Also we're on such a small scale. So much of what I'm reading … More

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craft room today

it’s very bright in the craft room today thanks to the sun reflecting off all that SNOW! the bright and the colors are helping me keep my spirits up despite choking on my usual lunch of working mom sandwich, stress and guilt on rye. normally it’s so delicious, yum yum! but today maybe not so much as I’m also having a side of exasperation chips and a why-do-I-even-bother pickle thanks to a shortened school week (right after spring break!), very … More

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craft room bulletin

I worked on Phoebe’s quilt some this weekend. It’s going well, got three rows done, and then decided to put it back in the drawer for a while. I think she has less clothes than Oscar did, is that possible?! Maybe I saved more and have less in the cut-up pile. Either way I’m going to hold off while I wait for her to outgrow some of her current cutie pjs. (oscar’s quilt here)

Phoebe’s still too little for any … More

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I considered going all dyson today and complaining about my horrible sucky (or non-sucky really) vacuum cleaner. It’s 5pm now. I’ve been hoovering since dawn and my house is still a giant tumbleweed of fuzz and legos. I can totally see why that guy freaked out and invented his own. Actually I could write a really long post about how much I hate cleaning of all kinds. What I’d rather do is show some cute fun project that I’ve finished … More