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tiny little saltwaters

making doll shoes from thrifted handbag

A $2 faux leather purse from the thriftstore transformed nicely into a tiny pair of saltwater sandals for the latest Make-Along doll. I just need to make two more pairs in navy for the other girls now. Fun to have scraps of leather-like material on hand. I made a little bow barrette for Phoebe and am thinking the doll may need a little handbag as well.… More

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pattern making and surviving May

I bought these awesome Zig Clean Color Real Brush Watercolor pens for my Make-Along pattern project and they are super fun. They even work well for cheeks! They’re a little less blendy then I imagined they’d look when dry but I think they look very cute. I’m going to try it again on my next doll and dilute a bit more with a Watercolor Brush.

cloth doll cheek blush tutorial

While I’m enjoying working on these new patterns I have my horns hooked in … More

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New dolls in the shop

I have 5 new Make-Along dolls in the shop here on the site. So far, I have patterns for the first 3 of 12 outfits, the first outfit with petticoat, dress and jumper, the second is the Regency style dress and bonnet and the third is a dress with a ruffle collar and wrap up sandals. Next outfit will be pants and a little jacket since it remains stubbornly chilly here in Chicago.

handmade dolls and sewing patterns for sale at wee wonderfuls

I’m very excited about these … More

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make-along dolls in the works

I honestly feel like I spend all my time organizing and planning and devising. I don’t know when I get any work done. All day I’ve been straightening, puttering and plotting for the next couple Make-Along dolls. By the time these are done I’ll have 3 outfit sets for the Make-Along subscription so I think that will be enough to launch that program on its own as well – exciting!!

Miss pink hair here will be in same outfit as … More

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re-introducing, the Make-Along doll

handmade dolls and sewing patterns for sale at wee wonderfuls

I just posted to the shop and to instagram a new doll, and a new idea, that I’m very excited about. I’ve started a line of Make-Along dolls that will include the sewing patterns for all the clothing the dolls are wearing. So if you’re the crafty, DIY type but don’t want to tackle dollmaking to make that special toy for the little one in your life then this might be the fit for you. Along with the heirloom quality … More