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tiny little saltwaters

making doll shoes from thrifted handbag

A $2 faux leather purse from the thriftstore transformed nicely into a tiny pair of saltwater sandals for the latest Make-Along doll. I just need to make two more pairs in navy for the other girls now. Fun to have scraps of leather-like material on hand. I made a little bow barrette for Phoebe and am thinking the doll may need a little handbag as well.

4 thoughts on “tiny little saltwaters

  1. So clever! You are so inspiring!

    And just because I always love checking in to see your work, is anybody else not seeing the Instagram posts on the home page?

    1. Thanks Emily! I fixed it. WordPress is a sort of a high-maintenance friend.

  2. The little sandals and bow are gorgeous! Also, yes I am not able to see the Instagram posts on the home page either. 🙁

  3. Oh, my goodness. Those tiny shoes are so flippin’ adorable! Makes me wish I had a munchkin to make dolls for.

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