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making ornaments with Phoebe

Phoebe has been into sewing cards lately so I had the idea to make some sewing card ornaments for her to give to family and friends this year. This is our first attempt, mr. snowman. I cut him out of some really nice thick felt I have and then I used a tiny hole puncher to make holes around the edge for her to stitch. I think next I might print some out on cardstock for her to stitch.


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one tree up

We put up our little artificial tree with the handmade ornaments this weekend. I was smart last year and organized the Christmas decorations so we could do it in phases this year. Next weekend we'll get our real tree or maybe I'll even wait one more week. Last year we had to take it down right after Christmas because it was so crunchy. It'd be nice to make it to the new year this time around.


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I made something I pinned

Actually.. yesterday I made two things I’ve pinned! This cutey felt hair acessory to match Phoebe’s day-after-Halloween outfit (I think she has now worn all 5 of her handed down Halloween tops!) is from craftiness is not optional, here. I think I’ll make that rolled felt flower too, so cute and easy.

And I made these cupcakes for Oscar’s class. From BHG, here.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!! That one two punch of class parties right into … More

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kids artwork album for mother’s day

One of the things I picked up at Ikea as a possible mother's day project was this album with a tree embossed on cover. I thought it was a photo album, and I guess it is, but it's just plain paper not plastic inserts for photos. I thought instead of photos I'd fill it with artwork for my mother in law for mother's day. The kids dotted flowers on the tree with the Martha Stewart paint and pencil erasers and … More